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About Us

The Luca Rossini line was born with the intention of combining the great experience of professionals with the continuous search for innovation, to offer a product of excellent quality at an honest price. Luca Rossini create equipment and furnishings for hairdressers made in Italy following the principles of design, reliability and functionality. Luca Rossini is in fact synonymous with quality and design made in Italy. Based in Reggio Emilia, where the whole production cycle takes place, the brand is now internationally consolidated, and an increasing number of professionals rely on Luca Rossini to create the salon of their dreams, at an affordable price.

Modern and linear design

Behind every Luca Rossini product lies the continuous search for innovation and the maximum attention to the design project. The aim is to offer a product always up-to-date, in step with modern design trends and extremely functional, to meet the needs of professionals looking for practicality and style for their salon.

Excellent quality of materials

From the design project to the production, the key is the utmost attention to quality and the careful selection of the best raw materials for each Luca Rossini product. Wood, glass, mirrors, ceramics, upholstery… all the materials used are of the highest quality, durable in time, recyclable and compliant with the strictest international standards.

Handcraft upholstery

Luca Rossini's upholstery is manufactured and sewn in Italy, in Reggio Emilia, with the love and the experience of qualified professionals. The long-lasting materials feature high resistance to abrasion and strong elasticity, and are in compliance with the most severe international standards (UNI 9175 certification and 1IM fire retardant class). Moreover, since each item is handcrafted one by one, it is possible to customize the upholstery by choosing from a wide range of colours, both single- and two-tone variation, at no extra cost!

Made in Italy products

Each Luca Rossini product is Made in Italy, conceived, designed and produced in Reggio Emilia.